grow food, not lawn. thank you. <3

permaculture joke number 1 🌳 🐠

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feeling lonely thought I'd share a joke. If u understand systems this joke explains how Permaculture Practioners think about naturally grown biological systems which maximize beings in symbiotic balance with each others inputs & outputs.

We manufacture permanent abundance, we terraform planet earth & produce situations for many plants, animals, fungi, insects to thrive. we flip neglected land destroyed by our ancestors disastrous destruction of our planet, & we restore systems better than we find them (like a boyscout should, [girlscouts too])

The joke is a lightbulb is technology & not alive, & it cannot currently replace itself, that would be absurd...

& yet that is what we ask our students to do in Permaculture... & u wanna know the best part? it is real & it works & we are growing & sprouting Permanent Permaculture lands around the globe.

u can learn more for free online & take simple steps to do ur part. We r not asking for sacrifice, we r just asking u to take an honest accesssment of ur lifestyle & the true costs globally, culturally, spiritually, etc. minor adjustments, nudges to your habit loop can cascade abundance for those around u.


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NOONE chooses to hang wit big bruda. 🐺 🦊 
Especially if u can't get a read on dem.

Will they NARC or BOSS around?
Will they take blame if caught or found?

Let's avoid the topic altogether,
Change the subject 4 da better.


Welcome to Permaculture, sorry for the convenience. 😉 😜 Thrive grow abundance around you.


Technology is great to make life better & easier, but it should never be a goal to replace biological natural systems with any sort of technology, for technology sake. It is a fools errand to try otherwise & we will continue down the path of sickness if we do. We have been on this planet for at least 100,000 years, & perhaps 100,000 more if we could stop the tempest of mindless destruction.


i am teacher & student.

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