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hello there fox 🦊 | fox hop chapter 1

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hello there fox 🦊

sorry buddy, 

wut r you doing here?

naw man u don't belong here, too specialized.

naw man u don't belong here, never on time.

naw man u don't belong here, too smart.

naw man u don't belong here, too much "money".

naw man u don't belong here, too young.

naw man u don't belong here, too old.

naw man u don't belong here, too white.

get the fuck outta here fox hop.

get the fuck out lone wolves,
fuck off now you here?

you can't stay here,
a tempest comes i fear,
get the fuck out,
she won't accept you here.


I know, love you too, no time to dwell these days...

run faster now into the darkness, be gone,

the world moves technologically without you,

sly fox.


fox hop - chapter 1

the sly fox walked alone into the darkness.

she wondered where is "here" anyways?

a lone wolf replied, "here" is where your focus is, child.

she asks, and if one really truly could focus on every being, every agent, every feeling, every thought, every idea, every meme, every verse, every song, what would that make that being?

the lone wolf paused, not because he didn't have an answer, but because he didn't want to teach her ...

a godlike being.

not a god, she asked sweetly?


fuck, well y not?

because the universe is god as far as the beings inside it are concerned.

& the universe is infinite because it expands & contracts over & over, like the waves of ocean on earth, formed by it's oversized moon, the universe does this.

This planet does this on a faster frequency.

i c, she said.

a have to go, your questions distract me, you don't belong here, the lone wolf said, slowly closing his eyes.

distract you? Lone Wolf, all you do is lay all day, every day, like a mushroom! i am the one running back & forth between tiny universes.

do you think I didn't used to do that, questioned the wolf?

of course, but now i am so alone.

do you think i wasn't alone, questioned the wolf?

i am not a lone wolf, i am a fox, figure yourself out, lone wolf, find your tribe.

y don't u find your tribe, i already found mine... the lone wolf grinned as he nuzzle his face deeper into the warm lichen matted boulder, which slowly releases the days solar gain from it's mass.

& when I stop bringing you food? she pleaded for understanding.

i guess this old lone wolf will hunt, hehehe.

the sly fox grimaced her face, she remembered how the lone wolf used to hunt with his tribe, his pack... the violence of it all.

an old dogg cannot hunt alone, you r too fucking old, you stupid old man, you don't know anything!

you think because you have had the luxury to sit & think a lot about our universe that you have all the answers, but you don't, you still get hungry, you still need to eat! if you try to eat your old way you will loose all your fucking teeth, bcuz u r old!


so you will die, remember you know our universe & you taught me, & well, i am like lambda, i run all the paths as fast as possible & i bring you an answer.


so that path == death, we have talked about this at least 15 times now, i know because I also have a simple counter each time a run a path with you... you... lone wolves.


so stop, this game is impossible, with self-sabotage it will kill us both.


fuck you man, i don't want to die, i still think we can fix things.

you are a sly fox.

right, and you are a lone wolf.

the world has no need for such animals. this is a human world now.

but it's not! i swear I communicated the other day with humans again just like the old books & movies, we are making progress!

I think one of them even took a photo of me!


& so i have faith & hope of rescue! the sly fox is screaming into darkness, crying uncontrollably, she then points upwards & howls similar to a wolf.

No sound but her body is stuck in this position, electricity pours through her body, everything is vibrating inside her & outside her. her best & her worst.

the lone wolf is careful not to stop the domino reaction occurring, he see's the foxes enlightenment more frequently at the end of this era.

the lone wolf asks her to sleep on the warm boulder, in a trance she wanders & climbs onto the matted bedding & continues to vibrate signally, electrically.

the lone wolves wander into the darkness.

Tips & Tricks for Hunting for artifacts.

look at the walls of "New England" for clues.

Lidar everything, treat it as an ancient ruins site. purchase metal detectors to find artifacts. only perform light excavation, I'm talking brushes and small hand tools, like a garden spade or hori hori. If you find something big, we need to access the finding collectively to determine the best course of action, this might mean pulling in specialists to mentor us on how to proceed. The last thing we want to do is destroy an artifact during harvest.

The actual walls have clues as well. not just the geo mapping sort, but real clues hidden by the creators. Their art is more abstract, * these dry wall stacked stone monuments often have animal shapes, snakes, turtles, etc, sometimes in the macro, sometimes in the micro.

We want to have a perfect triangulation of the artifact location. that way our dreamers can dream about how it could have gotten there, we will keep all this data in a record somewhere.

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