grow food, not lawn. thank you. <3

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ralphie ralph

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all that love, lust, desire without any feedback is a recipe for a painful shadow worked enlightenment.

from now on, once healthy i will reach for elightment through only the joy & bliss & not detacted but actually speaking to my loves all over the world.

Thank you all for teaching me so much.

i am so grateful for this experience.

i hope everyone is getting plenting of rest, water, & enough food to power ur system through any discofort u r having.

be very grateful for any support u have & always be prepared to try to reciprocate in anyway u can, in any state ur in. the people who care for u in your tiny universe r the most important

phone rings.

i spasm.

"stop that!"

"i can't it's ur fucking bells jenn, they make me do that."

"i have told u a million times, & i will die telling u a million more, sound is a key & the chirps of fire detectors & phone calls, & hidden mickey tablet alarms trigger a person like me in the state i am in.

my goal is to come out of this state & get healthy & manage these symptoms & get proper tests [fuck b work, f u all 4 real, except for the lovely lady @ quest who spoke to me over the phone so I could get a read on her before doing the proceedure, u r nice & kind & i thank u for helping me, ptsd is fucked up, i am sorry again ma'am].

if I missed anyone do not fear i will re hydrate & u have that power too! godbless

(bell)(bell pepper)(hot pepper)

thick trunks (tree) (trunks)



I just like this picture.

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