grow food, not lawn. thank you. <3

symbols != meaning, cultural genocide is bad ♾️✌️☯️ ♥️

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symbols != meaning, cultural genocide is bad ♾️✌️☯️ ♥️

As you can see a person is an iceberg and people rarely learn anything at all about each other. be selective about who u let into ur life & into your tiny universal layers.


A gift is not always just a gift.

I think that is right.

The same gift given with different intentions could yield vastly different reactions, intentional or not.

Like many who share our universe, we often have a nice exterior & a mean core, we can work on this, we can grow this awareness & reduce it's occurrences. reduce it's chances of echoing.

We r all growing, even those without a growth mindset.

Same as it ever was.

We r also products of the times the current era, the current chunk of now.

Now our era.

We have learned so much psychology & models of human systems lately.

If things get bumpy we will all need to guide the vortexes of our shared universe.

I'm only using my real name... Russell

but I think that's what gives me so much power?

"Stop trying to make Russell work." echos of conversations lost long ago, how many instances, so many instances, doesn't matter anymore, Russell works, he has always worked. He is a hard worker, but sometimes it doesn't look like work, it looks more like a mushroom growing on a rotten log.

If u give it time, gifts & fruit will form. If you rush art u will not have anything worth sharing. An unfinished thought... An echo. The fish of an idea swam in, a reflection of the universe in hologram formed inside & outside your soul/consciousness/awareness/spirit.

a real knowledge fish swims by...

did u document it somehow?


Ok, no worries.

no worries?!!

No worries. Another fish will come, not the same one of course, could be vastly more scary or cool, but either way, I hope you document that one.

And so more fishes swim by, sometimes alone, sometimes huge schools of fish...

And sometimes you experience these fish alone.

And sometimes u experience these fish with friends

... sometimes you experience these fish with enemies.

sometimes the exact same fish more than once (fuck manipulation & fuck zen & fuck hypnotism & fuck self sabotage & fuck all of u who hurt me on purpose)

In my case I think I experience the same directional fish 4 times in quick succession (like a very complicated "ground hogs day")...

That is to say,

  • a month & a half to process (this was the canvas stage, simple nudges & subtle queues to setup expectations) <- I was being addicted & hooked

  • the event which forced me to review my whole life over & over again, now that my files were gone, & my medication was out of my system, I could have really died of a heart attack, being off my SSRI for that long, cold turkey likely caused my seratonin to drop close to zero in my head. I random, scheduled & triggered events of panic & work would ensue, keeping me awake for who knows how long trying to piece back my memories which I formed & now was hypnotized into deleting. A sick trivium game on repeat.

Searching my memory for memories. They alluded to me being a "walking encyclopedia, to which I said, "there was another, I went to elementary school with him, he is the real walking encyclopedia, I am nothing but a ditto, a synthesizer compared to a boy with near photographic memory who actually could read books & memorize them."

Why would they pair a dyslectic speech impeded gifted child with an absurdly gifted encyclopedia football player?

sure we loved & taught each other stuff, but I don't know, my whole public education was a sham guys.

My parents taught me all I knew until ages 5 or so...

then I self booted on Nintendo, Web TV, Apple Macintosh, IBM Aptivia, Gateway (BrianB), all the video game consoles, all the arcade games,

I would at least watch their demo screens guys... I didn't have money & I was too scared to ask for it... (crying eyes, single sob which I hold in, more fishes swimming by ...)

"you never morn properly, you just swallow it & run"

"so do you..." (release a cry)

A month to process & get help. Should be enough, I'll have to work & grow harder than I ever have before... I might die trying to get back to you Jenn, & so I started running to try to remember all the fishes.

So I would say document your fishes & if possible share them with somebody safe & supportive. Not some random person or anonymous group of people on the Internet.

KYC (know your customer, known your client)

Photo & video online to make sure identity matches credentials given (photo ID or something)

Know who you are talking to.

Document ur fishes however u can & then have faith that ur documentation will lead u back to the memory & thought.

Abstract unpacks to whole.

u don't need a .flac to bring the memory back.

Now be careful, the insidious can try to implant false memories, & these really do work.

Memories can be orphan'd by self & others, do not let people gaslight you.

Avoid these people & be careful because often they are intelligent & persistent. The creepiest of them do not need funding, they have grown themselves a "bot net" of humans, using lust & fear to control them.

The same net recruits their high level actors & agents.

This is government or evil religion.

Does it matter why they are angry? What if they are LGBTQSLMNOP? What if China or Russia or Democrat?

Public Domain Code is Future.

The power of documentation, Creation cannot happen in a "vacuum" it takes two lovers set in motion.

and so statues fall ...

art defaced ...

symbols r censored - via artificial intelligence. (the final push incoming)

It was never about the code, it was always about the data.

Let's take the data back my friends, our memories are too important.

Creators, just read ur utube comments if you want to understand. block/ban the haters & remember all the love pouring to u (a view, a like, a thumbs up, a share) is real human attention & dedication & love.

This is a very fragile relationship.

Don't waste peoples time. But also be kind & grow their spirits up!

Be careful with your content & ur messaging.

Remember a meme has infinite potential targets.

Abstraction is important, but also remembering that art is left up for interpretation.

Symbols can be hijacked & cooped.

Symbols are not their meaning.

Do not let this make u afraid of using the symbols how they should be used.

We need to grow our own platforms, platforms ran by the people, for the people.

This is true in the digital as well as the physical.

♾️✌️☯️ ♥️

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