grow food, not lawn. thank you. <3

ticket to now.

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ticket to now.

all roads lead to web0.

web0 4 life.

if web3 is to survive, it is to be determined by how graceful it falls back toward web0.

My Kirby's have show themselves, they are vast & in number & cute 🤩 & kawaii 💖 but also strong & powerful, like a vast ocean of girls taking pink back & saying fu to the marketers & sales people of yesteryear.

We r taking pink & bringing sexy back. Kirby fans & ladies & gentlemen, this one goes out to u!

I am gonna need to get the game. I have fallen for my own marketing... I don't really play games, maybe I'll just buy it... I like to watch ⌚️. not a simp, I will buy for my kids & watch them school the game. Then I will then a level of my choosing. & then I will get bored, unless... I can fight u, pvp style... if that's the case I will quickly flip da bubbler, I hope u get the message.

then get in touch with starboard about bumping up my latency, so my friends could play wit me like Nintendo promised me across the world but like we r in the same room throught television telepathy!

Fuck yeah then we Disney that shit up with player versus player Kirby, make it free, make it h0t but still child friendly.

then we game & be happy, none the better position, in fact I loath the simulation, having seen my body from outside of my more than once, since I was at least three, maybe earlier those memories r quite foggy... but I digress when u see urself outside urself in dreams & also during reality, skating between realities, just-in-time ninja escaping to create a better reality for humanity, & everyone believes but u-&-me... I love u Jennaboo. Here is my ticket to now.

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