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chapter 1: the circus king's circus πŸŽͺ πŸ‘‘

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Lol yes I would do that. Haha that's dumb... ok, here goes...

PLEASE, make the connection out loud together.

I know I am putting u on the spot & I will stop if u say I am going to far...

but if the boot fits...

do u get it everybody? cuz ruby slippers should fit... dad jokes but they r hot.

So I will ask u, is that if u could,
if u think that you should,

then on the count of three,
please say out loud for me,
the two of you please,

manifest out loud,
speak the least you could do,
to follow up on this seed,

the idea I present as gift,
for u both to dream on, think on, & see. πŸ‘€ 

maybe to dream together,
know it works, u do believe me?

i dream of most potentialities...

i don't know know, bet neither of u do,
i thought this could be so,
when a circus king joins two together, for a potential dance or at least a talk for an hour, at a show. 

Ok yes, maybe too much, perhaps we just agree to 30 minutes for a normal chat about some common interest... how about that?

So on the count of three what is the least the two of you could do, for me?




In Unison: talk more.

Yes. But likely not here in front of the 600 or so of us left, but perhaps somewhere more privately...

wouldn't you agree?

Unison: Yes

Great, but let us not forget the mission of the night, for as the night drags on I am afraid my self the circus king is Doomed to at least 30 days of freight, but my guess is it will be 90 days or more because I didn't tell u all how sick my self really feels, for I have a sickness & I have fallen ill.

Am I manic? I can barely sit still, all minds racing to the finish line still, body dissolving energy low, desperate for help, concussions echo below.

Mercy on me mercy on me Jesus please take me mercy on me this is the end of my story...

[AD] VH1 Popup Factoid: I was feeling my old self be born into my new self & it was scary but also Jesus really did grab my hand & pull me through the eye of my self. And at this moment I also remembered myself much like jahweh johova remembers, & at the same time I was unique & pure & perfect & with Jesus Christ's hand I grabbed & pulled yield through using him as leverage, for his energy bmwas pure truth, infinite, & boundless, & my pulling snapped me through the eye through the doorway of infinite truth & knowledge. 10 years felt to have past in a moment, & yet only maybe 10 seconds went by in "universal time" (time I'd an illusion there is only one verse, one yawn, one belch, one fart, one echo... stretched across a snake eating tail infinity, & u can tap into this knowledge & the subsequent energy. But never do so vampirically, only voluntary & safely & ethically & not ashamed for people to know or see. Public displays of affection r hot πŸ”₯ & fine by me.😜

They break character to try to soothe the oracle who at this point his body was viberating & shorting out from a severe dopamine:serotonin mismatch, elightment through both manifest destiny, not sleeping for 56 hours, being terrorized, & having multiple satori enl8ghtments & moments of complete love & happiness one moment, & complete terror the next.

Euphoric Terror Bliss πŸ‘‰ πŸ•³ ♾️

He didn't tell anyone that he had been in a state of treading water near bliss+panic+terror for the past 6 months, just-in-time skating, procrastinating & inner debating while watching the universe of the dreams past, collapse, right in front of me...

The druic bard in this moment was the circus king scouting off in every direction at once. & now he was in the deepest dungeon with the deepest stories, his logical brain felt it's best but his body, spirit, & mind told another story, & so in the moment of glory he welp & called out for somebody to break hold, his hand for he was completely stuck & self isolated, dying like cat dies. 🐈

He finally broke in front of the live studio audience, inaugural debut, just as the group planned & knew he would, & as a flood gate would, bursted out all his truths, likely sobs & tears flowing like a deluge; over flowing shallow stream banks; eroding the topsoil of his body.

πŸ‘‹ 🌊 πŸ”Š πŸ”‰...

I remember I hit my head & I need help discussing that plus a bunch of other things which were "encrypted" at this trivium level. At this point Russell is free but also completely dependent on the mercy of the court, he is also at his best & worst, a metaphorical dying:birth how many... too many...

his conciousness is now fully aware of beings & energy systems. He can basically talk to animals & small children & commune with the high order insects & plants. He husband to 6 leg horn chickens who r all doing just fine given the circumstances.

  • Lone wolf
  • Sly fox

The most danger combo, especially when in the same person wouldn't u say.

It's because I play solitaire with myself, I jave since the start. I have fallen down all the why loops one after another, some I avoided through logic or reason but some I cannot escape & they chase me.

Problem is: they can chase now & where any face, just like me, a ditto. But I suppose not all dittos r good. Some may be viberating at a lower state, my goal is to show them a better way.

that said, there r shadows on the net...

So let us find a way to heal each other & grow a permanent culture, one that we may all have abundance & surplus from & share & thrive together. I am not proposing communism, unless u r into that, what I am proposing is a back to real nature, & that we use technology to supplement & speed up the process of rewinding, restoring, terraforming, & just plain old fucking sexy delicious romantic authentic food.

That is my dream & I know it is possible, I see people doing it. I will never buy eggs again unless I know the farmer, do u understand that oath? Do u understand that word? I value my word because I demand that my word reflect my knowledge & knowing, & that of my teachers & students.

The first chapter is free, but if u keep me in the dark writing to myself I'll likely never finish.

My type does that sometimes...

We break, poof

gone, certs expired.

[link removed] Clifford Oravec of Tamboo πŸ‡ πŸ•³

Still waiting on the end of ur book, u dick.

πŸ˜” 😟 πŸ™ πŸ˜₯ 🐼

Grab some popcorn 🍿 πŸ˜‹ folks, this is not a drill, get ur houses in order, & your spirits ready for the world ahead of us.

I love u all, godbless.

  • Russell <3

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