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SPIN QUBITS - a quantum computer breakthrough using industry compatible techniques

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Scientists & practitioners found a method of building a quantum computer using novel techniques linked to proven technology based on industry standards (FinFET architecture) to build a quantum computer which offers a potential for scaling up to very large numbers of qubits.

"Our approach of building on existing silicon technology puts us close to industry practice," says Kuhlmann.

In layman's terms this group found a way to make a spin qubit, the smallest unit of a quantum CPU using either a positive ion sink hole or single electron with a negative charge.

FinFET may operate a low temperatures near absolute zero (0 kelvin or -273.15 degrees Celsius) but this design requires special cooling of the bottlenecks in the architecture.

Spin qubits store quantum information in the two states spin-up (intrinsic angular momentum up) and spin-down (intrinsic angular momentum down).


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