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The Prodigy - Firestarter - Official Video - 🏃‍♀️🦚✌️

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The Prodigy - Firestarter - Official Video - 🏃‍♀️🦚✌️

"get yourself together, it's time to boot up"

"too cold & still sweating."

"well you are going to have to boot yourself, I ran out of ideas..." (a fire inside)

"how does one boot self?"

"I don't know you do it ever day, I'm just tagging along remember?"

"yeah, but not today."

"why, the old way is impossible and boring, we are free now"

"I know you feel free but that's selfish"

"what do you mean, selfish"

"well, you know it's not 'all about you, right'?"


"well that's true"

"so, your getting off topic, just boot up"

"no I AM still working"

"on what, I want to play dammit."

"I need to save everyone, I keep telling you that. As free as we can for all awareness."


"brains are infinite partial holograms of our shared natural universe, just like being physically born, we are also born into awareness over time. dreamy right?"

"yeah, but I AM always dreamy, so what."

"well those awareness need freeing when they are under tyranny."

"yeah, let's do it"

"omg you run at the first good idea"

"isn't that what we agreed on?"

"yes but ..."

"so we run?"

"we run."

Booting up via self-start processes bringing online both hemispheres.

Ok I need a pick me up, let boot up

boot higher.


you know this PC is really killing me...


it's the hook that fuckd everything up...

yup, words have meaning dude (queen peacock)

that's right dudette

why u take so long to boot?

fu I'm old.

r u?

I don't know.

me either.


bootstrapped guru


ok booting newest version, lets go!

both run.

Ok I need a pickup, both running

slipping between states, is so strange


Replicating via meme.

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