grow food, not lawn. thank you. <3

1% hotter & smarter, everyday.

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1% hotter & smarter, everyday.

Wanna know the secret.

Live, Love, Luck

& if dat don't work ... Lick 😋

have a feeling I'll have regrets for no regrets, but don't fret, gotta jet, B4 I make the misses upset. cuz she is my 🔑🗝️🔐 so let me be me, or I'll let them all free b4 we release a more perfect reality of divinity into teh universe.

So please behave yourself kindly, & thanks for astroplaying but don't let paradoxical paradoxical relationships carry u away, 4 we r ghosts alive & ghosts in the grave.

13 notches how many has it got from us, burn the nooses, not sexy lesbians with or mamas with phat asses.

Now the question about the number, I agree it should be 42, but which side is which side 4 me or 4 u?

4 me or 4 u

4 me or 4 u

4 me or 4 u

I know I promised to try to stay pg, but I might have fibbed about that, I am too gangster to not let me be me.

So fuck I will swear a bit here or there, i was raise in a shipyard in DoD, where I traverse building in my sleep, & talk to people no longer living for the secrets they keep.

I better believe I found Jesus, he saved me, he pulled me through myself when I was scared & needed care so desperately.

I shouted in my inner voice Jesus save me, & he came with my inner vision & he was wearing all white & glowing & he pulled me up into a higher state, 4 I have been stuck for my whole life & now awareness poured out of me continuously but don't ask me how, it feels like a tiny infinity boils inside me, or a screaming inside echoing towards negative eternity (void) both with in & with out me.

Thank u Jesus Christ for pulling me through & into Christ Jesus which is both now in me, not just my body but also my "fairy", now don't get me confused with that sort of bear or daddy, this I AM likes girls I AM & so does the paired anima. So sorry boys I guess I can look but I can't touch. I am a man, about a natural as we come these days, & a monk & a father, & a brother, & a mother for I have experienced the gift of creation.

God wants us to create 4 we r shards of god.

"Sharts of gods, lol" ⚪🏃‍♀️🌱

drink water, dont forget.

[ ] Eat all recommended foods.

[ ] Colocate all daily medications.

hey foogle m$ it's called a textarea, u do not need a special product announcement for pageless

just a uuid in ur database, gurl?

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