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Shelter our sky - we will handle the rest

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Shelter our sky - we will handle the rest

In the far distance with my cloudy eyes worn out from staring at the screen, I see a squirrel hopping around as the snow falls, 7:06 on a Friday morning in February.

At this very same moment I had been seriously contemplating the 2022 attack on Ukraine, see his face & the faces of his young soldiers, & the face of Tyranny in general across all the tiny universes which make up our universe.

It is terrifying... i tremble at the fact that my shadows scattered my outputs all over the internet...

I am grateful & also very angry, because it was made it impossible for me to collect it all, & even trust it all, so I likely won't which is sad.

At this very moment, I dive both into the "abyss" but also into pure bliss happiness 😊 for I have seen a squirrel for the first time, in a long time.⏳️

I was both places at once. Pure terror of war & tyranny and simultaneously bliss for seeing life in this tiny universe on the move, without paying any attention to human politics.

I love you all. Godbless.

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